Glacial Energy Simply Seeks To Provide Energy Services

Posted by - Admin / August 31st, 2011

In decades past, energy has been taken for granted because it is something virtually every American has access to. This is, of course, still true—but for too long we allowed local utilities to exercise complete control over the provision of energy to customers. This meant the quality of services was low, the pricing was high, and flexibility was a word that would’ve been laughed at. These local monopolies on energy did not allow for competition. Slowly, deregulation as a movement convinced a number of markets that having healthy competition in the energy industry might help things.

Low and behold, sixteen markets have now deregulated to some degree or another in the United States. Glacial Energy operates within each of those sixteen markets and is one of the fastest growing deregulated energy providers in the country. Glacial Energy was founded by CEO Gary Mole, who has a great deal of experience in both the domestic and international energy industry. Glacial Energy’s approach reflects that experience.

Glacial Energy simply seeks to provide energy services to customers for lower prices with better services. There are no hidden fees when it comes to Glacial Energy, and switching over to their energy will not mean any break in energy service either.

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High Quality Energy Provision Services – Glacial Energy

Posted by - Admin / June 19th, 2012

For thousands of people all across the United States, there is one company that they trust with their energy providing services needs. That company is Glacial Energy—they offer high quality energy provision services in the United States. In fact, Glacial Energy has been able to offer their high quality services in sixteen deregulated markets. These markets range all over the country—including but not limited to: California, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Washington D.C., Texas, and others.

Glacial Energy even offers a system whereby a portion of their profits from each client can be given to a charity of the client’s choosing.